Tech Trends Postdigital Deloitte Apr 2013

Welcome to Deloitte’s annual report, Elements of postdigital, examining trends in technology put to business use. Once again, we’ve selected ten topics that have the potential to impact businesses over the next 18 to 24 months. Developing the list of trends is an ongoing process of primary and secondary research. The process includes: Feedback from […]

Negotiating Cloud Computing Legal Issues AGIMO Jul 2012

Negotiating Cloud Computing Legal Issues – AGIMO July 2012

Like cloud computing itself, cloud computing agreements appear in a wide variety of forms. These can range from simple standardised click wrap agreements to multilayered sets of terms and conditions. There are, however, a core set of legal issues that agencies should consider in any cloud computing agreement, whether the agreement expressly deals with those […]

FCC Investigation Into Google Street View Hacking – April 2012

Between May 2007 and May 2010, as part of it’s Street View project, Google Inc. collected data from Wi-Fi networks throughout the United States and around the world. The purpose of Google’s Wi-Fi data collection initiative was to capture information about Wi-Fi networks that the Company could use to help establish users’ locations and provide […]

World IP Report - Changing Face of Innovation - WIPRO 2011

World Intellectual Property Report – Changing Face of Innovation – WIPRO 2011

In modern market economies, innovation is a key ingredient of sustained economic growth. In high-income countries, studies have estimated that innovation accounts for as much as 80 percent of economy-wide growth in productivity. Research at the firm level has shown that firms that innovate outperform their non-innovating peers. Less is known about innovation and its […]

Free Legal Agreements for Entrepreneurs

1st Jan 2012. In conjunction with law firm DLA Piper, Sydney incubator Startmate has made available a free series of legal agreements suited to entrepreneurs. These can be downloaded below. Term Sheet: A summary of the terms of the investment. IP Deed of Assignment: The company owns the stuff you create not the people. Subscription […]

Australian Government Releases 2011 Annual Innovation Review

1st Aug 2011. The 2011 Australian Innovation System Review, published by the government, is the second in an annual series of reports, starting in 2010, on the performance of Australia’s national innovation system. Click here to download the report The Innovation System Reports are created as part of the governments response to the landmark 2008 […]

Moving towards a Digital Economy: The Development of ICT and E-Commerce in Malaysia

This paper highlights the potential growth of ICT and the development of E-commerce in Malaysia. Malaysia is experiencing increased rates of internet usage, online spending and a rapid uptake of new technologies, all of which are driving the development of e-commerce. In recent years the Malaysian government has undertaken initiatives to development ICT infrastructure and […]

IP Manual for Engineering Team Sprusons Feb 2009

Intellectual Property Manual for the Engineering Team – Sprusons Ferguson February 2009

The fundamental role of engineers is to use scientific principles to obtain prescribed outcomes through applied engineering processes, although there is some blurring of the boundaries between science and engineering. Where the engineering processes or, elements of them are original, inventions can be created inherently containing registrable Intellectual Property (IP). It is therefore certain that […]