Suppliers Perception of Corruption – ICAC June 2011

About two-fifths of suppliers to NSW state and local government perceive corruption in public sector procurement to be a moderate problem or worse. Such perceptions may lead to suppliers pricing corruption into their bids or not bidding at all, and almost one-third of suppliers indicated that they had declined to bid on a government contract […]

Engaging Asia - Getting it Right - AIGroup March 2013

Engaging Asia – Getting it Right – AIGroup March 2011

In 2010 AsiaLink and the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) undertook a survey of Australian business knowledge, experience and confidence in Asia. Businesses surveyed include Ai Group members who employ around 750,000 staff in a range of manufacturing, construction and services sectors including: engineering, automotive, food, transport, information technology, telecommunications, call centres, labour hire, printing, […]

Towards a Digital Economy: The development of ICT and e-commerce in Malaysia

1st March 2011. This paper highlights the potential growth of ICT and the development of E-commerce in Malaysia. Malaysia is experiencing increased rates of internet usage, online spending and a rapid uptake of new technologies, all of which are driving the development of e-commerce. Click here to download the report In recent years the Malaysian […]

Survey on IT – Business Balance Deloittes Feb 2011

25th Feb 2011. The current economic environment creates an opportunity for IT managers, communities and universities to better manage the value of IT in organisations, according to a report by professional services firm, Deloitte. The ‘2011 Survey on IT-Business Balance: Finding common ground’ explores some of the key themes that are vital for setting the […]

Connecting Communities – NBN Huawei Williams Report February 2011

Connecting Communities is an independent review of the impact of broadband on communities in Britain and its implications for Australia. Commissioned by Huawei Australia and undertaken by former UK government advisor Dr. Tim Williams, the report is for non-techies by a non-techie. Fast broadband and its impact are too significant to be left to geeks […]

NSW Run With This Election Priorities - AiGroup February 2011

NSW Run With This Election Priorities – AiGroup February 2011

This election presents NSW with the chance for a fresh start and the opportunity for the next Government to address the state’s chronic underperformance. NSW has recorded an average annual growth rate in Gross State Product (GSP) of just 1.8% (since 2001). This is around half the level of growth experienced across the rest of […]

Doing Business With Japan – DFAT Melbourne Institute 2010

In view of the ongoing importance of the Australia–Japan trade and investment relationship and the need to maintain an in-depth understanding of the nature of this relationship for policy guidance and further engagement with Japan, the Australia–Japan Foundation (AJF) funded this research investigating Australian companies’ business dealings with and perceptions about Japan. The research, which […]

Federal Government NBN Statement of Expectations – December 2010

The Governments central NBN objectives are to deliver significant improvement in broadband service quality to all Australians, address the lack of high speed broadband in Australia, particularly outside of metropolitan areas, and reshape the telecommunications sector. The Government recognises that access to affordable, high speed broadband is essential to the way Australians communicate and do […]