Negotiating Cloud Computing Legal Issues AGIMO Jul 2012

Negotiating Cloud Computing Legal Issues – AGIMO July 2012

Like cloud computing itself, cloud computing agreements appear in a wide variety of forms. These can range from simple standardised click wrap agreements to multilayered sets of terms and conditions. There are, however, a core set of legal issues that agencies should consider in any cloud computing agreement, whether the agreement expressly deals with those […]

Privacy and Cloud Computing for Australian Govt Agencies AGIMO Jul 2012

Privacy and Cloud Computing for Australian Government Agencies – AGIMO July 2012

Despite common perceptions, cloud computing has the potential to enhance privacy safeguards used to protect personal information held by Government agencies. This Better Practice Guide has been developed to assist agencies subject to the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 (FMA Act) better understand how to comply with privacy laws and regulations when choosing cloud […]

The Big Data Opportunity in Government – UK Policy Exchange July 2012

The modern world generates a staggering quantity of data – big data – and the business of government is no exception. Across the public sector, extraordinary quantities of data are amassed in the course of running public services – from managing welfare payments and the National Health Service, through to issuing passports and driving licences. In […]

Comparing 10 Jurisdictions - Government access to data in the cloud

Comparing 10 Jurisdictions – Government access to data in the cloud – Hogan Lovells May 2012

Data in the cloud is revolutionizing the way companies use information technology. Cloud service providers make it possible for businesses and consumer users across the globe to access services via the Internet, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. That’s why Cloud computing continues to grow. As Cloud computing adoption by business has increased, some people have […]

Impact of Convergence Review Norton Rose May 2012

Impact of Convergence Review – Norton Rose May 2012

On 30 April 2012, the Final Report of the Australian Convergence Review Committee was handed down. The Review is one of the most ambitious and far reaching convergence reviews yet undertaken by any industrialised country in the world. The Report proposes substantive changes to Australia’s media, telecommunications, Internet, and content regulatory landscape. For example: The […]

NSW Government ICT Strategy May 2012

NSW Government ICT Strategy – May 2012

The NSW Government is putting the citizen at the centre of decision making and transforming the way it provides services. NSW residents are tech savvy and they expect their Government to move with the times, providing the services they need in the ways they need them. Whether it is through one stop shops or whole […]

Public Policy Adrift – The Case for a Business Case Approach – IPAA Howard

3rd April 2012. The public policy making process in Australia is adrift, notwithstanding regular affirmations by governments at all levels to an evidence and consultation-based approach.This paper commissioned from Howard Partners by the IPAA advocates that Public Policy Making adopt a ‘business case’ approach.  Click here to read/download the report The paper makes two key […]

Business Productivity Indicator – 4th Survey – Telstra March 2012

The fourth annual Telstra Productivity Indicator (TPI) reports on productivity improvement in Australia’s large enterprises and across a range of government organisations. Global economic uncertainty has added considerable strain to organisations, operating in an already challenging domestic business environment. Nevertheless, a group of organisations has maintained their focus on improving productivity with the aim of […]

Australian Defence Posture Review – DoD March 2012

Although Australia’s changing strategic environment does not necessitate widespread changes in the location of the ADF’s bases, Australian Defence Force posture needs to be adjusted to meet current and future needs. While there is much that is commendable in the ADF’s current force posture, there are also some significant weaknesses and risks that will become more […]