Modelling Economic Impact of Cloud Computing – KPMG AIIA Sept 2012

Cloud computing is receiving an increasing level of attention, as evidenced by the rapidly growing number of qualitative surveys and analysis that has been published over the past two years, both in Australia and internationally and across private, public and third sector organisations. This report, commissioned by the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) and the […]

Govt Programs and Incentives for the ICT Industry July 2012

Government Programs and Incentives for the ICT Industry – July 2012

This guide provides a summary of Australian Government programs of assistance that are available to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Industry. It has information about a range of Australian Government programs which can help you to create, innovate, grow and compete globally. The best place to go for information about all aspects of running […]

Negotiating Cloud Computing Legal Issues AGIMO Jul 2012

Negotiating Cloud Computing Legal Issues – AGIMO July 2012

Like cloud computing itself, cloud computing agreements appear in a wide variety of forms. These can range from simple standardised click wrap agreements to multilayered sets of terms and conditions. There are, however, a core set of legal issues that agencies should consider in any cloud computing agreement, whether the agreement expressly deals with those […]

Bringing Angel Investing Out of the Shadows – Silicon Flatirons May 2012

The role of angel investing in the world of entrepreneurial finance is understood in disparate ways. Angels are viewed alternately as heroic helpers (hence the name “angel”), unqualified naïfs (“dumb money”), shrewd capitalists with Paul Bunyan-like capacities (“super angel”), and members of a larger band of likeminded individuals (part of angel syndicates). These conflicting depictions […]

Australian Maths Engineering and Science Review Chief Scientist May 2012

Australian Mathematics, Engineering and Science Review – Chief Scientist May 2012

There is a global perception that a workforce with a substantial proportion educated in Mathematics, Engineering and Science (MES) is essential to future prosperity. The Rocard Report reviewing science education in Europe states the availability of highly qualified science and technology professionals is a key factor for the establishment, import and success of high-tech industry […]

Business Productivity Indicator – 4th Survey – Telstra March 2012

The fourth annual Telstra Productivity Indicator (TPI) reports on productivity improvement in Australia’s large enterprises and across a range of government organisations. Global economic uncertainty has added considerable strain to organisations, operating in an already challenging domestic business environment. Nevertheless, a group of organisations has maintained their focus on improving productivity with the aim of […]

Latest International Country Comparisons – Austrade March 2012

Austrade ’s International Data Comparisons (IDC) is an easy-to-read comparison of Australia’s performance and position across key economic and financial related indicators. The IDC has been updated to include data effective to 15 March 2012. Australian National Accounts released March 7 showed that the Australian economy expanded by 0.4 per cent (seasonally adjusted) in the […]

UK Angel Investor Tax Reforms March 2012

UK Angel Investor Tax Reforms – March 2012

UK Angel Investor Tax Reforms document has been produced to bring together all the information published at Budget 23 March 2011, and to answer some frequently asked questions. The aim of this measure is to help smaller, riskier UK companies to compete for finance by increasing the incentive for people to invest in smaller companies, […]