China Embraces World Markets – DFAT October 2002

Entering the WTO marks an important further step in China’s integration with the world economy, although WTO accession represents a continuation of its successful 25 year reform journey, rather than a major turning point. Most visibly, China committed to further cutting trade barriers and significantly improving access for foreign direct investors, particularly in services, providing […]

Profile of Successful Australian ICT SMEs – AIIA September 2002

This activity was undertaken to present a profile of successful Australian ICT companies, determine the common critical success factors, and identify potential market opportunities for the industry. The report demonstrates that successful ICT companies exist across a wide range of industry segments. The common success factors were access to overseas markets throughout the United States, […]

2002 Benchmarking of Business Incubators CSES European Union

Benchmarking of Business Incubators – CSES European Union February 2002

The project Benchmarking of Business Incubators was undertaken for the European Commission by the Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services (CSES). The objectives of the project were, in summary, to: Define ‘headline’ benchmarks for business incubators relating to their performance with regard to management and promotion; Support this with ‘operational’ benchmarks’ that define the means […]

Australian Corporations Law Fund Raising Rules

The Australian Corporations Act 2001 describes many of the legalities with regards running a business. In particular, it describes how businesses may “advertise” for investors. Click here to download Volume 3, which includes Chapter 6D Fund Raising. Of particular interest to the technology sector is Section 708, which describes “offers that do not need disclosure” […]

Technology Roadmapping: Linking to Business Objectives – University of Cambridge November 2001

Following on from a brief introduction to the topic of technology management, this paper focuses on technology roadmapping, an approach that is being increasingly applied within industry to support the development, communication and implementation of technology and business strategy. Roadmapping is a very flexible approach, and the various aims that it can support are reviewed, […]

Australian Venture Capital Year Book - AVCAL

Australian Venture Capital Year Book – AVCAL 2000

The 2000 AVCAL Venture Capital Yearbook presents the spectrum of investment activity of the Australian venture industry. Venture Economics has worked in conjunction with AVCAL to survey the firms that comprise AVCAL’s membership. While the majority of the study is based on responses from the 26 firms that responded to our joint study ( a […]

Product Introduction Process – A Workbook Loughborough Uni UK

Product Introduction Process – A Workbook – Loughborough University UK September 1997

This workbook provides a framework based upon systems engineering and systems thinking, for companies who feel that modularity can address a number of business issues. Through a modular product architecture and an associated modular manufacturing practice, attaining a flexible or agile manufacturing system will be facilitated. In addition this alternative perspective on product design and […]