Mobile Social Networking in 2015 – Airwide 2010

As part of its commitment to offering mobile operators relevant and valuable applications and services now, and in the future, Airwide Solutions commissioned mobile research agency mobile SQUARED to survey mobile operators from around the world on their thoughts on the expected development in mobile communications over the next five years. The research took place […]

NBN Fibre Product Overview – August 2010

The release of NBN Co’s product description represents the culmination of an extensive industry engagement program on NBN Co’s fibre product. As a wholesale only provider, NBN Co has been keen to engage with industry to understand the industry’s product requirements. NBN Co has been actively engaging with access seekers (Access Seekers) since its inception. […]

NBN Satellite Product Overview – August 2010

NBN Co Satellite Access Service (NSAS) is a wholesale Ethernet access product suite utilising third generation broadband satellite technology to enable high speed connectivity access for all Australians, including businesses. The purpose of releasing this Satellite Product Overview is to obtain direct feedback from the industry on the proposed design of the Satellite Access Products. […]

NBN Wireless Product Overview – August 2010

NBN Co Wireless Access Service (NWAS) is a wholesale, ‘Emulated Layer 2’ Ethernet Access product suite that utilises 4th generation wireless access technology to deliver high-speed broadband connectivity for Australian homes and businesses. NWAS provides Access Seekers with an Ethernet access solution from the NBN Co Point of Interconnect (POI) to the End User interfaces […]

ASX-Listed IT & Telco Fact Sheet ASX July 2010

ASX-Listed IT & Telco Fact Sheet – ASX July 2010

The listed Telecommunications and Information Technology sector consists of a small number of large corporates and numerous small to medium sized businesses. The sector heavyweight, Telstra, has become the most widely held stock by Australian investors since the privatisation of the national carrier. New Zealand’s and Singapore’s national carriers are also listed on the ASX. […]

Australian Government Industry Assistance Review – Productivity Commission June 2010

The Australian Government assists industries through an array of measures, including import tariffs, budgetary outlays, taxation concessions, and regulatory restrictions on competition.  Although assistance generally benefits the receiving industry, it can penalise other industries, taxpayers and consumers. Industry assistance measures are more likely to yield a net pay-off to the community when targeted at significant […]

National Digital Economy Strategy DBCDE May 2010

National Digital Economy Strategy – DBCDE May 2010

The Australian Government’s aim is that, by 2020, Australia will be among the world’s leading digital economies. Ensuring that Australia becomes a leading digital economy will contribute to Australia’s productivity, maintain our global competitiveness and improve our social wellbeing. The government’s commitment to build the enabling infrastructure for the digital economy, the National Broadband Network […]

Optimising eHealth Value in Australia Booz Allen

10th April 2010. Optimising e-health value – using an investment model to build a foundation for program success. Electronic health (e-health) initiatives that apply information technology to the delivery of healthcare services for patients and management of clinical information are an essential weapon in the battle against the rising costs and other systemic problems in […]

Our Future World CSIRO Mar 2010

Our Future World – CSIRO March 2010

This report describes the outcomes from a CSIRO global foresight project. We present five global megatrends and global risks that may redefine how people live. A megatrend is based on the aggregation and synthesis of multiple trends. A trend is an important pattern of economic, social or environmental activity that will change the way people […]