Australian Bureau Statistics – Year Book Australia – ABS 2012

Year Book Australia is the principal reference work produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). It provides a comprehensive statistical picture of the Australian economy, society and environment. In addition, it contains information on Australia’s geography and climate, system of government, government services, international relations and defence. The first Official Year Book of the […]

Who’s Who in Australian Photonics Research and Development – Michael Austin RMIT 2007

“Whirlwind Tour of Who’s Who in Australian Photonics R&D” Michael Austin RMIT University A brief overview of current major research activities in the Australian photonics research community. Optical Fibre Technology Centre (OFTC) (University of Sydney): Specialty silica fibre – rare earth doped fibre for lasers and amplifiers, highly non-linear fibre, photosensitive fibre, high birefringence fibre, […]

2005 Photonics – A Roadmap For The Australian Photonics Industry AEEMA

2005 Photonics – A Roadmap For The Australian Photonics Industry AEEMA The roadmap attempts to substantially increase the amount of information and analysis available on the future of the industry and its technological trends to members of the industry. Previous reports have been focused on the telecommunications market and these have limited value to industry […]

Australian Photovoltaics Industry Roadmap – BCSE July 2004

This Roadmap has been developed by the Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), with financial support from the Australian Government through AusIndustry. The BCSE has developed this Roadmap to identify the potential of Australia’s Photovoltaics Industry and the economic, social and environmental benefits it could deliver over the next twenty-five years. It also sets out […]

2003 Commercialisation of Photvoltaics Research in Australia DEST Watt Sept 2003

Commercialisation of Photovoltaic Research in Australia – DEST Watt September 2003

Photovoltaic (PV) or solar cells are typically made from semi-conductor materials which generate electricity when exposed to light. Over 85% of the PV sold internationally is based on crystalline silicon wafers. The photovoltaics industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries worldwide, with an annual growth rate exceeding 30% for most of the past […]