Business Angels Markets and Policies of EU Member States – CSES Oct 2012

Business Angels play an important role in the economy, and in many countries constitute the largest source of external funding, after family and friends, in newly established ventures. Business Angels provide both financing and managerial experience, which increase the likelihood of the survival of start-up enterprises. But the fundamental nature of the Business Angel market […]

Australian Payments Annual Report – APCA Sept 2012

Australian payments system is financial plumbing for the Australian economy. It  comprises the payments instruments, organisations, technology and connecting networks that are used to make non-cash payments. APCA has a pivotal coordinating role in the payments system. Its various clearing and infrastructure systems provide rules and decision-making frameworks necessary for the efficient movement of funds […]

Full OECD Internet ICT Outlook 2012 – Sept 2012

The Internet is now a fundamental infrastructure supporting the economy and is firmly in its 2nd stage of development, having evolved from a data network connecting PCs with wires to a much broader network of new portable devices from mobile phones to tablet computers. It is also on the cusp of a much larger expansion […]

Developing An Asia Capable Workforce – AsiaLink September 2012

Asia is positioned to drive global economic growth for at least the next decade, presenting Australia with extraordinary opportunities. Our businesses are well placed to capitalise on this growth and we have had notable successes – but in the face of increasing global and regional competition we must secure our future through innovative investment in […]

NSW Professional Services Industry Taskforce Action Plan – NSW T&I September 2012

Emerging economies are improving their skills and capabilities and, coupled with their lower cost base, are increasing their competitive position in the professional services industry. If NSW wants to continue to compete with these and other established competitors, we will need to address some of the challenges facing the industry and pursue the opportunities that […]

Modelling Economic Impact of Cloud Computing – KPMG AIIA Sept 2012

Cloud computing is receiving an increasing level of attention, as evidenced by the rapidly growing number of qualitative surveys and analysis that has been published over the past two years, both in Australia and internationally and across private, public and third sector organisations. This report, commissioned by the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) and the […]

Use of Video in Financial Services Customer Service Telstra Aug 2012

Use of Video in Financial Services Customer Service – Telstra Aug 2012

Welcome to Telstra’s latest report: The Digital Media Bank – how video better engages your customers and workers. This comprehensive report on digital media and communications technologies is the fifth in the series of research papers addressing current challenges in the financial services industry. Two key factors have driven the marked changes the banking industry […]

Government Response to Regional Telecoms Review - DBCDE August 2012

Government Response to Regional Telecoms Review – DBCDE August 2012

The Government is committed to the development and success of regional Australia and recognises the important role of telecoms services in achieving these goals. The first independent inquiry to review telecommunications across Australia took place in 2000 in order to assess telecommunications services prior to the sale of Telstra. It found that many people in […]

Cloud in Australia - Fujitsu Microsoft July 2012

Cloud Computing in Australia – Fujitsu Microsoft July 2012

Cloud Computing is the new paradigm in ICT. It brings together a range of different technologies and business practices that have been maturing for some time: broadband communications, software as a service, outsourcing, the move to mobile computing. These and other trends have combined to make cloud computing the hottest topic in the ICT industry […]

Govt Programs and Incentives for the ICT Industry July 2012

Government Programs and Incentives for the ICT Industry – July 2012

This guide provides a summary of Australian Government programs of assistance that are available to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Industry. It has information about a range of Australian Government programs which can help you to create, innovate, grow and compete globally. The best place to go for information about all aspects of running […]