Australian Bureau Statistics – Year Book Australia – ABS 2012

Year Book Australia is the principal reference work produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). It provides a comprehensive statistical picture of the Australian economy, society and environment. In addition, it contains information on Australia’s geography and climate, system of government, government services, international relations and defence. The first Official Year Book of the […]

2008 Innovation in the NSW Freight & Logistics Industry

Report: 2008 Innovation in the NSW Freight & Logistics Industry Jan 2008 This Jan 2008 report from the Air & Sea Freight Councils of NSW discusses innovation in the Freight & Logistics industry, including an analysis of technology trends & opportunities. The report was commissioned in response to the NSW State Government Statement on Innovation […]

Freight & Logistics – Case for Adoption of Open Data Standards – DCITA October 2003

In order for businesses to function they need to manage information internally and exchange information with trading partners. While in the past this has largely been done by telephone, fax and paper-based systems, modern business increasingly relies on information technology and computer networks. The advantages of using information technology tools are undeniable and their use […]