Mobile Financial Services Terms Explained Mobey

Mobile Financial Services Terms Explained – Mobey Forum May 2013

When two powerful and established industries, in this case mobile and finance and mobile financial services, start working together, they may see the world from different perspectives and don’t necessarily understand each others’ jargon. This simple fact may cause misunderstandings and obstacles in the path to successful creation of a new industry. Mobey Forum has […]

Australian Bureau Statistics – Year Book Australia – ABS 2012

Year Book Australia is the principal reference work produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). It provides a comprehensive statistical picture of the Australian economy, society and environment. In addition, it contains information on Australia’s geography and climate, system of government, government services, international relations and defence. The first Official Year Book of the […]

Australian Regional Communications Review - Empowering Digital Communities May 2012

Australian Regional Communications Review – Empowering Digital Communities – May 2012

On 7 July 2011 the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator the Hon. Stephen Conroy, established the committee to conduct the 2011–12 Regional Telecommunications Review to examine telecommunications services in regional, rural and remote parts of Australia. In conducting this review, the Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee examined the key telecommunications services. […]

Media Convergence Review – Final Report – Glen Boreham DBCDE April 2012

Australia’s media landscape is changing rapidly. Today Australians have access to a greater range of communications and media services than ever before. Developments in technology and increasing broadband speeds have led to the emergence of innovative services not previously imagined. It is now possible to access traditional communications and broadcasting services in new ways, such […]

Mobile Megatrends 2009 – VisionMobile June 2009

After many months in the making, the annual Mobile Megatrends 2009 has been just released. Last year’s Megatrends covered 15 trends for 2008 and got over 40,000 views at slideshare – there are no lesser expectations for this year’s edition. In this 2009 edition the focus was on fewer trends with deeper analysis. These are […]

Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers

The market for products to improve the delivery of application software over networks remains dynamic and innovative. Vendors focused on solving enterprises’ most-pressing application problems have become the top players. Click here to download the report: Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers. The market for network-based solutions to optimize the delivery of applications across the […]

IPTV Market Developments and Regulatory Treatment – OECD December 2007

IPTV is “television” delivered over Internet Protocol. Traditional “television” service normally refers to linear programming (one-way scheduled audiovisual programming) of broadcast quality offered as a channel/channels designed to be viewed on a TV set. However, as technology develops, the definition of “television” may change in at least one of the areas cited below with implications […]

2007 SAAS Industry Spotlight Boston Corporate Finance

Report :  2007 SAAS Industry Spotlight Boston Corporate Finance The software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) delivery model is a revolutionary application of technology with the potential to drive change throughout the entire software world. The market for these hosted or “on demand” solutions is growing at an amazing rate – IDC estimates that spending on SaaS applications will […]

eCommerce to the US – practical guide for exporters Austrade 2006

Whether you are new or experienced in exporting,a company with 500 employees or a home-based start up, the internet can be your key to operating in the United States and beyond. At a fraction of the cost of setting up an overseas office, e-commerce opens your business to a global network of partners, suppliers and […]

Future of Media Report – Future Exploration Network July 2006

Media is at the very heart of society and business. As the economy inexorably shifts from the tangible to the intangible, media in its many forms is accounting for an ever-increasing proportion of value created. Over the last decade we have seen many new media emerge, many new ways not just to disseminate content in […]