Asia Pac Digital Mktg Yrbook ADMA July 2010

Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook – ADMA July 2010

Digital marketing in Asia Pacific in 2010 offers almost infinite combinations of ways to engage customers, participate in their communities, sell them products and services, and build brands and corporate reputations. Content can be highly personalised, relevant and localised deeply to take into account factors such as language, location, time of day, past behaviour and […]

Tech Mergers and Acquisitions Review for 2009 – ICON February 2010

2009 started with the world economy toppling, world markets diving and a depression was forecast by many. However, a succession of bank bailouts, nationalisations and a massive global quantitative easing programme has worked wonders and confidence seems to have returned to virtually all markets; starting with bonds and feeding into commodities, equities and riskier assets. […]

Onshoring IT-enabled Analytics – Swamy ACS 2009

The study is fundamentally about defining a “proactive” IT-enabled Onshoring solution for the Australian ICT community beset by the impending threat of significant Offshoring strategies about to be adopted by Australian companies especially in the banking and financial services area (a partial secondary analysis shows that the top 5 banks and 3 insurance companies are […]

NBN - Engineering New Capabilities for Australia UTS AB

NBN – Engineering New Capabilities for Australia – UTS AB October 2009

The Industry Advisory Network (IAN) is an important networking body for the Faculty which operates at a senior management level and seeks to maximise the alignment between UTS engineering and information technology programs and the needs of industry. Its members are made up from the Faculty and engineering and IT professionals. The committee meets on […]

Teenagers Attitude to ICT Survey – ACS July 2009

The online survey of teenagers was conducted for the ACS by Habbo Australia. Habbo is the world’s most popular virtual world for teenagers and Australia’s most popular online playground with 307,395 unique visitors a month. Habbo currently holds some of the most comprehensive teen research in Australia. The national online survey of 1,820 Australian and […]

Digital Britain Final Report – BIS June 2009

Already a major force in the economy, worth over £52 billion a year, the digital and communication sectors are growing in significance as the country faces up to current financial and market challenges. Vital to underpinning global economic activity, they are critical to every business in our economy, acting both as a catalyst for creativity […]

Mobile Megatrends 2009 – VisionMobile June 2009

After many months in the making, the annual Mobile Megatrends 2009 has been just released. Last year’s Megatrends covered 15 trends for 2008 and got over 40,000 views at slideshare – there are no lesser expectations for this year’s edition. In this 2009 edition the focus was on fewer trends with deeper analysis. These are […]

Hitwise Awards Top 100 Visited Australian Websites Mar 2009

Top 100 Visited Australian Websites – Hitwise Awards March 2009

Each year the Hitwise Australia Online Performance Awards celebrates the most successful Australian websites in over 100 industries based on the market share of visits a website has received throughout 2008. The Hitwise Online Performance Awards are a true indication of public popularity. Reporting on the largest sample of 3 million Australian Internet users and […]