2002 Creative Industries Cluster Study Report Stage 1 DCITA

Creative Industries Cluster Study – Stage 1 – Cutler DCITA May 2002

The purpose of the first stage of the Creative Industries Cluster Study is to undertake a preliminary analysis and mapping of the industries producing digital content and applications identifying the key enterprises, their location and productivity drivers and barriers. The findings of this stage of the study will be used to inform more detailed analysis […]

2002 Allen Report – Information Economy – The Big Picture DCITA

Australia’s Information Economy: The Big Picture – Allen Report April 2002

The study indicates that increased involvement by Australian businesses in the Information Economy offers substantial economy wide gains. These include: Higher underlying growth – increasing GDP by up to 2.6 percent over levels that we would otherwise obtain by 2004-05; More jobs – employment would be higher than otherwise by around 1.2 percent, or around […]

2002 Internet - Current State of Play Australian Scorecard NOIE April 2002

Internet: Current State of Play – Australian Scorecard – NOIE April 2002

Since May 2000 the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) has published a statistical compendium presenting a range of data on Australia’s progress in the emerging Information Economy. The current report is the 5th edition since the project’s inception. In a change from past practice this edition presents international benchmarking data in a new […]

Opportunities to Produce a Vibrant Software Industry PMSEIC May 1998

Opportunities to Produce a Vibrant Software Industry – PMSEIC May 1998

The Australian market revenues for packaged software in 1997 were $2.67 billion, about 1.5% of the world market. Revenue from domestic production of this software was $821 million, and exports were $100 million. The Australian software industry is diverse, including not only producers who develop packaged software for general sale, but also those who custom […]

Information Technology - Sink or Swim ATSE Dec 1997

Information Technology: Sink or Swim – ATSE December 1997

Information Technology (IT) is belatedly being recognised in government and industry circles in Australia as the dominant engine for productivity improvement and business opportunities for enterprises in the 21st Century and a key factor for generating future employment. Indeed the convergence of computing and communications as manifested in the Internet means that much commerce in […]