Mastercard releases Global Mobile Payments Readiness Index

29th June 2012. A new global study from MasterCard Worldwide shows Australia is on track for a cashless future – but the country still has obstacles to overcome before mobile payments become the norm. The winners are – Canada, Japan, Kenya, Singapore, and the US. Click here to view/download the report (23Mb in size) The MasterCard Mobile […]

Towards a Digital Economy: The development of ICT and e-commerce in Malaysia

1st March 2011. This paper highlights the potential growth of ICT and the development of E-commerce in Malaysia. Malaysia is experiencing increased rates of internet usage, online spending and a rapid uptake of new technologies, all of which are driving the development of e-commerce. Click here to download the report In recent years the Malaysian […]

Global Status of National eStrategy Development – ITU

15th May 2010. The report “National e-Strategies for Development: Global Status and Perspectives, 2010” by the International Telecommunications Union, provides a high-level update and an overview of the progress countries have made in their effort to develop national e-strategies, ICT strategies and sectoral e-strategies, analyzing as well the extent into which ICT have been incorporated […]

Branchless Banking – Mobile Money Report Smart Services CRC

21st Feb 2010. The Asia-Pacific region is a fertile territory for branchless banking, and particularly for mobile money transfers. Up to 80 percent of the population of some countries in the region remains unbanked. In this review of mobile money transfers in the Asia-Pacific, we bring together material from reports by international organisations, discussion lists, […]

2008 Australia & Japan A Commercial Relationship DFAT 2008

Australia’s Commercial Relationship with Japan – DFAT 2008

The year 2007 was in many ways a landmark year in the history of Australia’s commercial relationship with Japan. It was the 50th anniversary of the signing of the bilateral Agreement on Commerce that helped reinvigorate trade in the post-World War II period, and it saw the beginning in earnest of negotiations on a new […]

2007 Science Technology and Industry Scoreboard OECD

Science Technology and Industry Scoreboard – OECD 2007

This eighth edition of the Science Technology and Industry Scoreboard brings together the latest data and indicators on trends in knowledge, on globalisation and on its impact on economic performance in OECD and non-member economies. In this edition, the focus broadens to include emerging countries, with a special focus on the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, […]

South Africa’s ICT Market – Victoria Government November 2007

This document is the second Emerging Market Strategy released and takes as its subject the assessment of South Africa as an ICT producer and consumer and what this means for Victoria, with the target audience being the Victorian ICT Industry. The research undertaken by the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies (CSES), Victoria University and BMI-Tech […]

2007 Banking in 2050 – Impact of Emerging Economies – PWC 2007

Report :    2007 Banking in 2050 – Impact of Emerging Economies – PWC 2007 In March 2006, PWC published a report highlighting the rapid growth and increasing global significance of what they called the ‘E7’ emerging economies: China, India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey. By 2050, PWC estimates that the E7 economies could be […]