Govt Programs and Incentives for the ICT Industry July 2012

Government Programs and Incentives for the ICT Industry – July 2012

This guide provides a summary of Australian Government programs of assistance that are available to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Industry. It has information about a range of Australian Government programs which can help you to create, innovate, grow and compete globally. The best place to go for information about all aspects of running […]

Privacy and Cloud Computing for Australian Govt Agencies AGIMO Jul 2012

Privacy and Cloud Computing for Australian Government Agencies – AGIMO July 2012

Despite common perceptions, cloud computing has the potential to enhance privacy safeguards used to protect personal information held by Government agencies. This Better Practice Guide has been developed to assist agencies subject to the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 (FMA Act) better understand how to comply with privacy laws and regulations when choosing cloud […]

Review of Telco Access for People with Disabilities – DBCDE July 2012

Telecommunication services play a vital role in the lives of all Australians. Telco services facilitate business, employment, community participation and social interaction. However, some people with disability find it difficult to make effective use of telecommunications services. To improve this situation, the National Relay Service (NRS) plays a significant role in assisting people who are […]

Mastercard releases Global Mobile Payments Readiness Index

29th June 2012. A new global study from MasterCard Worldwide shows Australia is on track for a cashless future – but the country still has obstacles to overcome before mobile payments become the norm. The winners are – Canada, Japan, Kenya, Singapore, and the US. Click here to view/download the report (23Mb in size) The MasterCard Mobile […]

Draft Digital Economy Action Plans – NSW Government June 2012

Industry Action Plans are an important element of NSW 2021, the Government’s 10 year strategic plan. The decade to 2021 will present both opportunities and challenges for our cities, towns, businesses and communities. For example, our position in an increasingly connected global economy, with fluid markets and consumer demand, advances in new technology, and a […]

Snapshot of Australias Digital Future to 2050 – Ruthven IBM June 2012

We have begun the digital future entering the second stage of the Infotronics Age, which began with the rapid growth of new service industries and the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Revolution in the mid-1960s. This second stage could be termed a hyper digital era, such is the combined power of ICT enhanced with ubiquitous […]

Australian Government ICT Expenditure 2008-09 – 2010-11 – Dept Finance May 2012

The objectives of ICT benchmarking are to measure progress in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of ICT services in the delivery of Government programs, and inform other Whole-of-Government ICT policy initiatives. The first round of benchmarking was conducted as part of the ICT Reform Program in 2008-09, following the Review of the Australian Government’s use […]

Comparing 10 Jurisdictions - Government access to data in the cloud

Comparing 10 Jurisdictions – Government access to data in the cloud – Hogan Lovells May 2012

Data in the cloud is revolutionizing the way companies use information technology. Cloud service providers make it possible for businesses and consumer users across the globe to access services via the Internet, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. That’s why Cloud computing continues to grow. As Cloud computing adoption by business has increased, some people have […]

Australian Regional Communications Review - Empowering Digital Communities May 2012

Australian Regional Communications Review – Empowering Digital Communities – May 2012

On 7 July 2011 the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator the Hon. Stephen Conroy, established the committee to conduct the 2011–12 Regional Telecommunications Review to examine telecommunications services in regional, rural and remote parts of Australia. In conducting this review, the Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee examined the key telecommunications services. […]

Health of Australian Science Chief Scientist May 2012

Health of Australian Science – Chief Scientist May 2012

Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb today launched the Health of Australian Science report, a comprehensive overview of Australia’s science system, outlining our strengths and vulnerabilities. Speaking at the National Press Club in Canberra, he said that overall, ours was a healthy and robust system, but that some identified challenges would lead to long term […]