2001 Breaking the Skills Barrier – Investing in ICT Higher Education CoIE April 2001

Breaking the Skills Barrier: Investing in ICT Higher Education – CoIE April 2001

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industries now have a pervasive role in the Australian economy. All industries have benefited from growth and improvements in ICT, not least traditional industries. ICT is important because it has the capacity to facilitate complementary innovation such as new business processes and work practices. By reducing business costs, these technologies […]

2000 Returns to Investment in Higher Education Melb Inst 2000

Returns to Investment in Higher Education – Melbourne Institute 2000

Full-time employed graduates receive a substantial wage premium over non-graduates, on average of the order of 65 per cent; that is controlling for age, experience and other characteristics usually included in such analysis, an employed graduate receives on average about 65 per cent more than an employed person without a degree. It is generally accepted […]

Management Courses for IT Start-Ups – Clark NSW DSRD September 2000

This report presents details of management education and training courses suitable for: intending entrepreneurs who plan to establish enterprises in the information technology and telecommunication (IT&T) industries; principals of start-up and high growth enterprises in the IT&T industries; managers of entrepreneurial enterprises – other managers of high growth, but still relatively small, enterprises in the […]

University-Industry Linked Research – PMSEIC May 1998

Research is one of the major drivers of Australia’s economic growth and competitiveness in the global market. The success of Australia as a knowledge based economy will depend upon our ability to innovate – to generate new knowledge, ideas and technologies through research. Research may be driven by curiosity or influenced by specific industry needs. […]