NSW Government ICT Strategy May 2012

NSW Government ICT Strategy – May 2012

The NSW Government is putting the citizen at the centre of decision making and transforming the way it provides services. NSW residents are tech savvy and they expect their Government to move with the times, providing the services they need in the ways they need them. Whether it is through one stop shops or whole […]

Media Convergence Review – Final Report – Glen Boreham DBCDE April 2012

Australia’s media landscape is changing rapidly. Today Australians have access to a greater range of communications and media services than ever before. Developments in technology and increasing broadband speeds have led to the emergence of innovative services not previously imagined. It is now possible to access traditional communications and broadcasting services in new ways, such […]

Public Policy Adrift – The Case for a Business Case Approach – IPAA Howard

3rd April 2012. The public policy making process in Australia is adrift, notwithstanding regular affirmations by governments at all levels to an evidence and consultation-based approach.This paper commissioned from Howard Partners by the IPAA advocates that Public Policy Making adopt a ‘business case’ approach.  Click here to read/download the report The paper makes two key […]

Business Productivity Indicator – 4th Survey – Telstra March 2012

The fourth annual Telstra Productivity Indicator (TPI) reports on productivity improvement in Australia’s large enterprises and across a range of government organisations. Global economic uncertainty has added considerable strain to organisations, operating in an already challenging domestic business environment. Nevertheless, a group of organisations has maintained their focus on improving productivity with the aim of […]

Cultural Industries Innovation – Urban Informatics – ABF Foth March 2012

Concept of urban informatics looks at how cultural and creative institutions such as galleries, libraries, archives and museums can leverage these new developments to create greater opportunities for knowledge, democratisation, individual and community engagement and innovation for creative industries and practices. The fellowship paper explores the concept of urban informatics which covers how knowledge is […]

UK Angel Investor Tax Reforms March 2012

UK Angel Investor Tax Reforms – March 2012

UK Angel Investor Tax Reforms document has been produced to bring together all the information published at Budget 23 March 2011, and to answer some frequently asked questions. The aim of this measure is to help smaller, riskier UK companies to compete for finance by increasing the incentive for people to invest in smaller companies, […]

Cloud as a driver of business model innovation – IBM report

To determine how organisations use currently use cloud, and how they plan to use it in the future, IBM and the Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 572 businesses and technology executives across the globe. The survey showed that relatively few organisations are actively embracing the benefits of the cloud to drive business model innovation. There is […]

Competitive Manufacturing - Skills and Talent

Competitive Manufacturing – Skills and Talent – AiGroup Feb 2012

The manufacturing sector is strategically important to the Victorian economy as a source of jobs, exports, investments, innovation, and research and development. Despite its declining share of national and state output, manufacturing remains the second-largest sector in the Victorian economy. The starting point for this research report, prepared by the Australian Industry Group in partnership […]

High Performance Organisations - Research and Survey Review - AIGroup February 2012

High Performance Organisations – Research and Survey Review – AIGroup February 2012

This research review and survey results are two components of the Australian Industry Group’s High Performance Organisations: Maximising Workforce Potential project. This work was funded under the Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations’ Workforce Innovation Program which provides funding for innovative projects that address workforce skills need. The project was conducted over a […]