2003 China's Industrial Rise DFAT 2003

China’s Industrial Rise – DFAT 2003

China’s strong growth and large economy is causing rapid changes in production patterns and trade flows within East Asia and between the region and third markets. These changes not only are affecting regional economies but also could significantly influence Australian exporters, most of whom supply industrial inputs to China and other East Asian economies. This […]

Mining Industry & ICT – Productivity & Growth – Ovum DCITA October 2003

This study has been commissioned by the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) and the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA) to gain a better understanding of the contribution of ICT to the Australian mining industry and of the relationship between the mining industry and the mining ICT sector. In particular […]

2002 Contribution of ICT to Economic Growth DCITA

Contribution of ICT to Economic Growth – DCITA December 2002

The heavily interconnected nature of a developed economy with long and complex value chains highlights the pervasiveness of ICT as a general purpose technology. Even if some businesses or economic sectors of activity do not yet use these technologies in critical business applications, their suppliers, customers and competitors increasingly do so. Thus, over time, fundamental […]

2002 Beyond Kyoto - Innovation & Adaptation PMSEIC Report

Beyond Kyoto – Innovation & Adaptation – PMSEIC December 2002

Scientific studies show that levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases are rising as a result of economic growth and will lead to global warming and resultant climate change. Even with significant future global reductions of emissions it is expected that most of Australia will warm 0.4°C to 2°C by 2030 and 1°C to 6°C by 2070. […]

Profile of Successful Australian ICT SMEs – AIIA September 2002

This activity was undertaken to present a profile of successful Australian ICT companies, determine the common critical success factors, and identify potential market opportunities for the industry. The report demonstrates that successful ICT companies exist across a wide range of industry segments. The common success factors were access to overseas markets throughout the United States, […]

New South Wales BioFirst Biotechnology Strategy – NSW Premiers 2001

Like the Information Technology (IT) revolution of the 1990s its impact will be broad, potentially affecting many aspects of everyday life. Healthcare, agricultural production and environmental remediation are all areas where biotechnology can bring substantial benefits. In addition, the expansion of biotechnology industries will be important in securing high growth in the NSW economy. Government […]

Product Introduction Process – A Workbook Loughborough Uni UK

Product Introduction Process – A Workbook – Loughborough University UK September 1997

This workbook provides a framework based upon systems engineering and systems thinking, for companies who feel that modularity can address a number of business issues. Through a modular product architecture and an associated modular manufacturing practice, attaining a flexible or agile manufacturing system will be facilitated. In addition this alternative perspective on product design and […]