2000 Profile of the Australian Smartcard Industry

Profile of the Australian Smartcard Industry – ASPSCF 2000

This booklet is an information publication on the rapidly growing area of smart card technology. The report provides an introduction to the technology and its uses, and presents a brief overview of the industry in Australia. The factual information contained in the report was collected through an industry survey conducted by NOIE and the APSCF, […]

2000 Chance to Change - Robin Batterham Final Report PMSEIC

Chance to Change – Final Report – Robin Batterham PMSEIC November 2000

Innovation is the driver of every modern economy – it is the key to competitiveness, employment growth and social well being. The cycle of innovation must be fed by new ideas and basic knowledge which are capable of being transferred and accepted by end-users. Our international partners and competitors are investing heavily in their SET […]

Study of Government R&D Expenditure – John Howard February 2000

This report provides an overview of Commonwealth support for R&D by industry sector (ANSZIC code). These estimates are based upon an analysis of the socio-economic objectives of R&D funded by the Commonwealth. This is the first time the data has been presented in this form. It also contains information on the fields of research supported […]

University-Industry Linked Research – PMSEIC May 1998

Research is one of the major drivers of Australia’s economic growth and competitiveness in the global market. The success of Australia as a knowledge based economy will depend upon our ability to innovate – to generate new knowledge, ideas and technologies through research. Research may be driven by curiosity or influenced by specific industry needs. […]

Product Introduction Process – A Workbook Loughborough Uni UK

Product Introduction Process – A Workbook – Loughborough University UK September 1997

This workbook provides a framework based upon systems engineering and systems thinking, for companies who feel that modularity can address a number of business issues. Through a modular product architecture and an associated modular manufacturing practice, attaining a flexible or agile manufacturing system will be facilitated. In addition this alternative perspective on product design and […]