2011 NBN Senate Inquiry Responses

2011 Industry Submissions to the Inquiry into the Role and Potential of the National Broadband Network

The Australian Government held an inquiry in to the role and potential of the National Broadband Network via the House Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications. The terms of reference was to examine the capacity of the National Broadband Network ref the delivery of government services and programs; achieving health outcomes; improving the education; impacting […]

How Digital Economy Will Transform Business UK Oxford Economics June 2011

How Digital Economy Will Transform Business – UK Oxford Economics June 2011

International leaders face an era of unprecedented change. The recession and financial crisis that ended in 2009 caused a seismic shift that has reshaped the global business landscape. The world economy is now characterized by sluggish growth in the West, a shift in power to the East, and value-driven customers and rising risks everywhere. At […]

NBN Independent Review – Exec Summary of Caliburn Report Released

14th Feb 2011. The Australian Government today released an independent assessment of NBN Co’s Corporate Plan which reviewed NBN Co’s key assumptions for the National Broadband Network (NBN). Only the executive summary has been released, a brief, 6 page document. Click here to read the report Press commentary of the report is mixed: “Caliburn report […]

Federal Government NBN Statement of Expectations – December 2010

The Governments central NBN objectives are to deliver significant improvement in broadband service quality to all Australians, address the lack of high speed broadband in Australia, particularly outside of metropolitan areas, and reshape the telecommunications sector. The Government recognises that access to affordable, high speed broadband is essential to the way Australians communicate and do […]

Australian ICT Trade Update ACS Dec 2010

Australian ICT Trade Update – ACS December 2010

For Australia’s ICT trade, much of this decade has been one of a steady recovery from the ‘Dot Com’ downturn, but 2009 bears the scars of the Global Financial Crisis. The ‘Dot Com’ downturn triggered a new wave of globalisation in the information and communication technology (ICT) industries with increasing specialisation along the value chain […]

Science Around The World Status Report - UNESCO 2010

Science Around The World Status Report – UNESCO 2010

The UNESCO Science Report 2010 holds a mirror to the evolving status of science in the five years since its predecessor was published in 2005. It shows in particular how, while the disparities between countries and regions remain huge, the proliferation of digital information and communication technologies is increasingly modifying the global picture. By making […]

ACCC Advice on NBN Points of Interconnect – ACCC November 2010

This paper has been developed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in response to a request from the government for the ACCC and NBN Co Limited (NBN Co) to undertake a process, including public consultation, to seek to agree upon the number and location of initial Points of Interconnect (POI) for the National […]

Mobile Social Networking in 2015 – Airwide 2010

As part of its commitment to offering mobile operators relevant and valuable applications and services now, and in the future, Airwide Solutions commissioned mobile research agency mobile SQUARED to survey mobile operators from around the world on their thoughts on the expected development in mobile communications over the next five years. The research took place […]

The Connected Kingdom Google BCG Oct 2010

The Connected Kingdom – Google BCG October 2010

The United Kingdom has embraced the commercial Internet and is now home to the largest per capita e-commerce market and the second-largest online-advertising market globally. But the character of the U.K. Internet economy is not well understood. This report aims to describe and quantify it. In 2009, the Internet contributed an estimated ¬£100 billion, or […]

AIIA ICTs role in the Low Carbon Economy Sept 2010

ICTs role in the Low Carbon Economy – AIIA September 2010

It is widely agreed that climate change will adversely affect many important sectors of Australia’s economy. This means that transitioning to a more sustainable Australian economy should be a national priority. To prevent unavoidable climate change, action is required now that delivers a low carbon economy and facilitates new methods of economic growth that minimise […]