2002 Australian Use of ICT & Contribution to Growth Reserve Bank Jan 2002

Australian Use of ICT & Contribution to Growth – Reserve Bank January 2002

During the stock market volatility of 1999 and 2000 much was made of whether certain economies were ‘new economy’ or ‘old economy’. ‘New economy’ countries were those that had a significant high-tech production sector, ‘old economy’ countries were the rest. In the hype surrounding the ‘new economy’ stock returns for high-tech firms soared. Consequently, the […]

Cloud in Australia - Fujitsu Microsoft July 2012

Cloud Computing in Australia – Fujitsu Microsoft July 2012

Cloud Computing is the new paradigm in ICT. It brings together a range of different technologies and business practices that have been maturing for some time: broadband communications, software as a service, outsourcing, the move to mobile computing. These and other trends have combined to make cloud computing the hottest topic in the ICT industry […]

A Fair Go For All In The Digital Era – Huawei November 2011

The report set out to show in a non-technical way what benefits digital era’s high speed broadband can bring in terms of outcomes for people, their communities, and public services and their businesses. Its argument that high speed broadband was ‘far too important to leave to the geeks and engineers’ touched a chord. This is […]

Advanced Payments Report – EDG October 2011

Over the last decade or so, a quiet but noticeable transformation has been taking place in the world of payments. The nature and extent of this transformation is not uniform across all geographies but for the first time, all markets – rich or poor, small or large, developed or developing – have the opportunity to […]

2nd Australian Innovation System Report – DIISR August 2011

This is the second of a series of annual reports on the performance of Australia’s National Innovation System. It provides new innovation metrics, analysis and where possible updates of baseline indicators established in the Australian Innovation System 2010 Report. Most of these indicators benchmark Australia’s innovation performance against other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development […]

NBN – Broadening the Debate – Final Report from the Inquiry into the Role and Potential of the National Broadband Network

10th Aug 2011. This report, from the Australian government House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications, examines the impact of the proposed National Broadband Network being implemented by the Australian Government. This report seeks to contribute significantly to the national conversation by broadening the debate and the Committee greatly valued the many considered […]