Building Industries Strategy – Victoria Government November 2008

2008 Vic Govt Building Industries Strategy Nov 2008Building Industries is the next step by the Victorian Government to secure a strong future for our industry base so it will continue to deliver sustainable and skilled jobs for Victoria.
Victorian industry faces a number of challenges including a global economic slowdown, moving to a low-carbon environment and increasing global competition for goods and services. Building Industries positions Victoria’s industry to adapt to the changing economic environment and take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

Two major statements, Innovation: Victoria’s Future and Securing Jobs for Your Future, both released in August 2008, are part of this strategy. Now they are followed by Building Our Industries, which focuses on specific sectors and industry issues central to Victoria’s future.

Download the full reportBuilding Industries provides an overview of the Victorian Government’s current and planned actions to build a more competitive business environment. It describes how, using the resources and leverage available to a State Government, we are supporting the growth of our core and emerging manufacturing and services industries.

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