Biotechnology Intellectual Property Management Manual – Sprusons 2008

2008 Biotechnology Intellectual Property Management Manual Sprusons 2008Biotechnology is a strategic and fast growing industry in Australia and across the world. In 2008, Australia is home to over 400 biotech firms with total annual revenues of over $3 billion. By 2010, Victoria aims to be among the top five locations for biotechnology worldwide. Victoria is a national leader in science, technology and innovation. Our achievements have been driven by the skills and expertise of specialist researchers in areas such as infectious diseases, stem cells, neuroscience, cancer and dairy innovation.

These researchers are supported by strong government investments in projects and infrastructure, and by a legislative framework that provides certainty and opportunity.Download the full report
The Victorian Government, through its investment in innovation initiatives have assembled the necessary foundations for the growth of the biotechnology sector. The establishment of key infrastructure and support services such as the BIO21 cluster and the Australian Synchrotron are vital to this continued growth.

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