Big Data Guide for Government Agencies – GovLoop June 2013

Big Data Guide for Government Agencies - GovLoop June 2013Government technology decision makers in all three branches of federal government and from many States consistently tell me about an issue they have with Big Data. This is an issue you have seen too I’m sure. The issue is a lack of discipline and rigor over the use of the term itself. What began as a concept describing a specific set of new capabilities to enable analysis that could never be done before has become a movement where every strategist, marketer and pundit seeks to offer their own definition and use of the term. That is why I was so happy to see GovLoop’s mission-focused approach to this issue. By focusing on the missions of enterprises and then surveying real decision-makers for issues they are helping bring discipline and focus to the domain.

Download full reportWhy is discipline important at this stage? Do you remember service-oriented architecture (SOA)? This concept led to tremendous new
capabilities and efficient, mission-focused designs. Enterprises established architectures in which application interfaces, logic and data were separated and smartly reusable. After the term went mainstream, every company in the IT ecosystem grabbed onto it
and began to use the acronym SOA to mean anything they wanted it to. Although it’s still a useful construct for IT professionals, when it comes to interacting with industry, the term has now lost much of its meaning.

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