Benefits of Broadband – DBCDE Deloitte Access Economics September 2013

Benefits of Broadband - DBCDE Deloitte Access Economics September 2013High-speed broadband is transforming our economy and society, with major implications for households, business, governments and the environment. The report looks over the horizon to 2020 when Australia’s economy will be a fully digital economy, powered by the National Broadband Network (NBN). Recent developments like smartphones, apps and social media will be more deeply embedded, while video content, the cloud and machine-to-machine technologies will be widespread.

Download full reportHouseholds will benefit from improved communications, greater choice and competition from e-commerce, more online services, greater employment opportunities, including through telework, and savings in time and money from reduced travel. They will also experience improvements in goods and services quality and/or lower prices as businesses take up new productivity-boosting applications of the digital economy. There will also be environmental benefits from reduced travel and other applications.

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