Australian National Broadband Network – A Users Perspective

Click here to view the report The NBN, created and run as a wholesale only, open-access network by the Australian government-owned NBN Company, will operate independently of existing copper-based  broadband such as ADSL2+ or legacy cable broadband networks, but may draw on some existing infrastructure in this space. The NBN provides the opportunity to create […]

Australian Government Digital Economy Futures Consultation

1 Aug 2009. Advancing Australia’s digital economy requires action by government, industry and the community. The Australia’s Digital Economy: Future Directions paper identifies the key areas of focus to maximise the benefit of the digital economy for all Australians. The report was built through a consultation process with 110 submissions a selection of which are included […]

2009 Australian Defence White Paper Implementation Plan

File Attachment: 2009 SRP Delivering Force 2030 Defence June 2009.pdf (776 KB) 1st June 2009. Over the next four years Defence funding will amount to approximately $104 billion. This is a massive investment of public money. Australians have a right to expect that Defence will use this money carefully. Defence must operate as efficiently as […]

2009 Economic Benefits of Intelligent Technologies – IBM Access Economics

This report commissioned by IBM Australia reviews the potential economic benefits that may flow from the adoption of smart technologies and systems in different parts of the Australian economy. File Attachment: 2009 Economic Benefits of Intelligent Technologies IBM Access Economics May 2009.pdf (944 KB) The amount of all forms of data that are regularly collected […]

2009 Australia's Experiences in Nation Building

File Attachment: 2009 Australia’s Experiences in Nation Building ANU May 2009.pdf (238 KB) 15th May 2009. When launching the Pacific Partnerships scheme, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd stated: “It’s in Australia’s national interest for us to help build long-term political and economic stability in this neighbourhood.” The first half of this paper assessed the success […]

2009 Rudd Government Response to Cutler Innovation Report

13th May 2009.  After months of delay, the government responds the the landmark Cutler report on innovation, Venturous Australia. The vision is lost, the programs abound, & it is full of political speak to justify its “bitty” response of limited vision. To show how/where the money is to be spent the departments budget papers are […]

2009 Australian Defence Budget Released

2009 Australian defence budget have been released. May 2009 Australian Defence Budget Papers The purpose of the 2009-10 Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) is to inform Senators and Members of Parliament of the proposed allocation of resources to Government outcomes by agencies within the portfolio. Agencies receive resources from the annual appropriations acts, special appropriations (including […]

NSW Creative Industry Insights

This document recognises the contribution the creative industry makes to NSW and proposes ways in which the NSW Government can tailor its efforts to support the industry into the  future. Click Here to download the report: NSW Creative Industry Insights Traditionally, government has valued the creative industry for its cultural and social contribution to society. […]

2008 Australian Government Responds to Senate Recommendations on Services Industry

5th Dec 2008. The Rudd Government has released its response to an inquiry into the current and future directions of Australia’s service industries. File Attachment: 2008 Australian Govt Response to Services Sector Inquiry Dec 2008.pdf (111 KB) The Government’s comprehensive response stems from the recommendations of the report of the House of Representatives Standing Committee […]

2008 Europe's Top 100 Software Companies

Nov 2008. This report provides a ranking of the top 100 software companies in Europe & provides a high level profile of the software industry. File Attachment: 2008 Europes Top 100 Software Companies Truffle Nov 2008.pdf (375 KB) The European software industry is distinguished by its capacity for innovation, tremendous technical skills, and highly skilled […]