Australian Private Equity Statistics – AVCAL 2012 Fundraising Yearbook – Nov 2012

AVCAL 2012 Yearbook Nov 2012Fundraising Yearbook 2012 saw an increase in total funds raised by venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) managers, although this amount was distributed among a relatively small number of GPs. Investment and divestment activity remained cautious in light of the continued global economic uncertainty, and challenging M&A and IPO market conditions.

Download full reportFundraising in FY2012 rose by 59% in FY2012, led by a small number of new managers with successful final closings during this period. However, the overall fundraising environment remained subdued for the broader market as some managers continued to delay their fundraising plans. Twenty-one VC and PE funds raised total commitments of $3,335m in FY2012: the largest amount raised annually since the beginning of the GFC. Reflecting the growing trend in recent years, more than half the funds in FY2012 were sourced from overseas investors.

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