Australian National Broadband Network – A Users Perspective

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The NBN, created and run as a wholesale only, open-access network by the Australian government-owned NBN Company, will operate independently of existing copper-based  broadband such as ADSL2+ or legacy cable broadband networks, but may draw on some existing infrastructure in this space.

The NBN provides the opportunity to create a digitally-based country better connected both inside and outside Australia.
Now is the time to shift from the technical discussion to the applications and innovations that are really going to transform Australia and the way we live and operate.

This report identifies 7  primary challenges that threaten the success of the NBN and the future applications and services expected to be delivered using this infrastructure:
– End-user retail packaging and migration
– Competition and regulation
– NBN Company funding and structuring
– Design and construction
– Support for innovation and delivery of new applications
– Disruption due to the Federal Government election cycle
– Vertical and horizontal integration of private sector industries, and government departments and utilities.

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