Australian Informal Venture Capitalists – A Profile – Hindle Swinburne University 1999

Australian Informal Venture Capitalists – A Profile Hindle Swinburne UniThis paper reports a project which employed a convenience sampling technique compatible with similar international investigations to develop an exploratory and suggestive profile of Australia’s business Angels. Four objectives motivated the study. First, the research was designed to complement the ‘Angels’ research done by others thus helping to augment the existing world-wide picture of Angel characteristics and behaviour. Second, was a desire to extend existing research by scrutinizing and enhancing the methodology of Angel research presently developed and previously employed.

Download the full reportA third aspiration was to help to define Angels with greater regional clarity. Finally, it was intended that the emergent, tentative construct might produce well-grounded propositions for subsequent hypothesis testing and thus serve as the initial study in a structured chain of research.

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