Australian ICT Trade Update – ACS December 2010

Australian ICT Trade Update ACS Dec 2010For Australia’s ICT trade, much of this decade has been one of a steady recovery from the ‘Dot Com’ downturn, but 2009 bears the scars of the Global Financial Crisis. The ‘Dot Com’ downturn triggered a new wave of globalisation in the information and communication technology (ICT) industries with increasing specialisation along the value chain and the emergence of developing economies in both new production locations and new growth markets (e.g. China and India). In the early years of this decade, international investment flows focused on developing Download full reporteconomies, on services rather than manufacturing and, in particular, on a range of IT and ICT-enabled business services. Consequently, a new international division of labour has emerged, with the globalisation of services following a similar path to that previously seen in manufacturing.

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