Australian ICT Industries Statistics 2004-2005 – ABS 81260 September 2006

 Australian ICT Industry Statistics 2004-05 ABS 81260 Sep 2006This publication presents results from the 2004–05 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industries survey. Data are predominantly presented for ICT specialist businesses. See the Glossary for a definition of ICT specialists. At 30 June 2005, there were 274,132 persons employed in Australia’s ICT industries. Of these employees, 89.1% (244,238 persons) were employed in ICT specialist businesses. The Computer services industry grouping accounted for the largest proportion of total persons employed in ICT industries (41.1% or 112,738 persons), followed by Telecommunication services (27.1% or 74,198 persons) and Wholesale trade (24.6% or 67,542 persons). Total income for all ICT industries in 2004–05 was $103,350 million, of which almost three quarters was attributable to the Wholesale trade ($40,271 million) and Telecommunication services ($35,755 million) industry groups. In 2004–05, ICT specialist businesses accounted for 89.1% ($92,119 million) of Total income.

Download the full reportHowever, the proportion of total income earned by ICT specialist businesses varied considerably between industries, with the Electric cable and wire and Electronic equipment n.e.c. manufacturing industries reporting the lowest proportions (20.1% and 37.3% respectively). ICT income totalled $87,012 million in 2004–05 (84.2% of Total income), almost all of which was attributable to ICT specialist businesses (99.6% or $86,698 million). Industries with the highest ICT income included Telecommunication services ($34,864 million), Computer wholesaling ($20,680 million) and Computer consultancy services ($19,546 million).

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