Australian Government Releases 2011 Annual Innovation Review

1st Aug 2011. The 2011 Australian Innovation System Review, published by the government, is the second in an annual series of reports, starting in 2010, on the performance of Australia’s national innovation system.

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The Innovation System Reports are created as part of the governments response to the landmark 2008 Innovation Review undertaken by Terry Cutler, resulting in the report Venturous Australia. The governments response, Powering Ideas: An Innovation Agenda for the 21st Century, was released in 2009.

The report outlines:

  • Metrics and baseline indicators which track progress against the Government’s innovation priorities and targets
  • Features and trends of the Australian innovation system and performance
  • Actions, achievements, and forward plans of various participants in the national innovation system.

The report contains a significant amount of data related to Australia’s innovation system, and leaves the reader to draw conclusions on its implications. Being a departmental report, it contextualises the data within the extising framework of government innovation policy, but does not provide a critical analysis of it.

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