Australian Government National Broadband Network Inquiry – Industry Submissions

15th March 2011. The National Broadband Network inquiry undertaken by the Australian Government House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications in Canberra, which is due to report by the end of August 2011, called for industry submissions as part of the process.

This inquiry is focused on how the NBN will be utilised across Australia. A total of 231 industry submissions were received and a selection of the submissions is included below:

Australian Computer Society (ACS) – 8 pages
Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) – 31 pages
Australian Telecommunications Users Group (ATUG) – 3 pages
Business Council of Australia (BCA) – 12 pages
Communications Alliance (CA) – 26 pages
CSIRO – 21 pages
ICT Innovation Council – 13 pages
NICTA – 41 pages
Optus – 14 pages
Victorian Government – 28 pages

The inquiry has a different focus to other NBN inquiries that have occurred in the past or are under way presently, for those inquiries have focused primarily on technical matters to do with either the technical design of the NBN or the corporate plans of the NBN Co. This inquiry is focused on how the NBN will be utilised across Australia.

As is evident from the inquiry’s terms of reference, the committee has a broad range of areas to investigate, including the capacity of the NBN to contribute to health, education, business efficiencies and regional development. While the inquiry is less technically focused than others, point (i) in the terms of reference requires the committee to consider the optimal capacity and technological requirements for the NBN to deliver the benefits in the other areas of focus.

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