Australian Government Digital Economy Futures Consultation

1 Aug 2009. Advancing Australia’s digital economy requires action by government, industry and the community. The Australia’s Digital Economy: Future Directions paper identifies the key areas of focus to maximise the benefit of the digital economy for all Australians. The report was built through a consultation process with 110 submissions a selection of which are included below.

Click here to view the government report, and here for a selection of some of the more interesting submissions:

The digital economy is the global network of economic and social activities that are enabled by platforms such as the internet, mobile and sensor networks. A successful digital economy is essential for Australia’s economic growth and our ability to maintain our international standing. It offers new opportunities for businesses to a larger, potentially global audience and for individuals to connect and collaborate.

Whilst a little one-eyed (being a government-written report), the report addresses:

  • why the digital economy is important for Australia
  • the current state of digital economy engagement in Australia and why current metrics point to a need for strategic action
  • the elements of a successful digital economy
  • the role for the government in developing Australia’s digital economy
  • case studies of Australians who have successfully engaged with the digital economy from a diversity of industries including content, e-health, maps, banking, education, smart technology and citizen journalism.


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