Australia 2030 Futures – CSIRO – May 2016


This report, by pre-eminent Australian science research group CSIRO, aims to assist senior decision-makers in both government and industry answer these questions and plan today’s innovation investments to meet future opportunities and challenges. It uses a scenarios-based approach to account for future uncertainty and guide strategic planning.
2030 scenarios. In this section we expand on CSIRO’s prior mega trend analysis and modelling work to develop four divergent scenario narratives for Australia in 2030. These scenarios illustrate the vastly different conditions Australia could face, depending on how the trends play out.

Sector impacts. We analyse the impact each of these scenarios could have on five key Australian sectors. This highlights how potential areas of growth at a sector level could vary significantly across the scenarios, while highlighting considerations for strategic planning and providing an example of the role that science, technology and innovation could play in enabling the sector to target the growth area.

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Strategic framework. We present a four-step framework for companies guide strategic planning and science, technology and innovation investment decisions. This framework provides a structured way to customise the scenarios to the operating context of an individual company, identify and prioritise growth opportunities, and build and implement an innovation portfolio to capitalise on these opportunities.

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