Assessing Australia’s Innovative Performance – 2009 Update – IPRIA 2009

Update – Assessing Australia's Innovative Performance IPRIA 2009Gans and Stern (2003) provided a new set of results and a focus on Australian innovation in their study of the drivers of national innovative performance. This is an update of Gans and Stern (2003); itself part of the National Innovative Capacity Project conducted by Michael E. Porter, Scott Stern and several co-authors over the past several years. The goal of these projects has been to understand the drivers of innovation across countries and use this to generate a measure of innovative performance.

Download the full reportThis update refines the empirical study further with more data and a greater coverage of years, continues with model development efforts including the effects of specialisation and explores more sophisticated measures of openness. It gives us our clearest picture yet of the innovative state of the world.

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