Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook – ADMA July 2010

Asia Pac Digital Mktg Yrbook ADMA July 2010Digital marketing in Asia Pacific in 2010 offers almost infinite combinations of ways to engage customers, participate in their communities, sell them products and services, and build brands and corporate reputations. Content can be highly personalised, relevant and localised deeply to take into account factors such as language, location, time of day, past behaviour and stated preferences. The range of available media is staggering, value-priced, and offers exceptional targeting. And this year the true “internet experience in the palm of your hand” is now available in many urban centres across the region, thanks to the spread of smartphones, 3G networks, and the applications that run on them.

Download full reportThere is a battle of epic proportions going on to determine which platforms will host the majority of online users’ activities. The days when a portal was a web user’s main access point to the internet are long over, but it’s not yet clear what will take its place.

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