About This Website

This website is still under development, with a backlog of a couple of 100 reports still to load!

This site provides a library of documents on the Australian technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) industry for interested readers. All the reports are public domain documents, published by government bodies, research institutes, industry associations and industry members. Many you can find elsewhere if you know what you are looking for, but quite a few are no longer available other than on this site.

These sites are maintained by Charles Lindop, an active participant in the Australian ICT community. Charles can be contacted on (61) 419 224 214.

Contributions to this site are welcome, creating a bigger resource for everyone. Happy hunting!

Copyright. The readers attention is drawn to the Copyright Act, which protects mashups or compilations such as this site from copy without the authors permission. Further information see the Australian Copyright Council information Sheet G066v09 on Databases, compilations, tables & forms.
Most of the reports in this library were produced by government agencies, research groups and industry associations.
At the time of publishing, they were freely available, if you knew where to look, and therefore considered to be “in the public domain”. For each of the reports below, the authors copyright is acknowledged & respected.  If copyright is believed to be infringed, apologies, and please contact the site editor.

See below for a bio on Charles:

Charles has many years in the Australian technology, digital media and telecommunications (TMT) industry and experienced in corporate advisory work, running businesses, sales & marketing, professional services, and product development.

On a day to day basis, Charles is a principal of advisory firms KTM Capital and Carlisle Partners an. He is also a director of private consulting firm Interface Solutions.

Previously, for 5 years,  Charles was the Director of Business Programs for Australia’s largest technology incubator, ATP Innovations. Prior to this Charles was involved in a spectacular dot-com failure, GSTPay, which rasied A$10m from TinShed, Ernst & Young and other investors.

In the 90’s Charles was an executive for (formerly) ASX- listed UCMS, Hitachi Data Systems, and SAP Software. Here Charles ran business units focussed on Business Outsourcing, CRM and smart cards. For 2 years in a row, Charles was also the highest over-quota sales exec in Hewlett Packard ANZ. In the 80’s Charles had a successful career in Unisys/Burroughs in both Australia and the UK, as an application software development, professional services, and marketing manager.

Voluntary activities include chair AIIA NSW, co-chair Pearcey Foundation NSW.