A Fair Go For All In The Digital Era – Huawei November 2011

A Fair Go For All In The Digital Era - Huawei November 2011The report set out to show in a non-technical way what benefits digital era’s high speed broadband can bring in terms of outcomes for people, their communities, and public services and their businesses. Its argument that high speed broadband was ‘far too important to leave to the geeks and engineers’ touched a chord. This is because high speed broadband is not simply a ‘techy computer thing’ or an end in itself. It is a means of furthering national objectives: in the economy, health, education, environment, transport, community development and regional vitality. It’s part of – and helps deliver – the ongoing shift in Australia towards the digitisation of services and increased online engagement with the public.

Download full reportThe real value proposition behind fast broadband thus does not reside in the construction alone of this digital highway. It resides in the applications enabled by it, catalysing its potential, transforming public and private sector business models, maximizing its impact.

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