2008 Innovation in the NSW Freight & Logistics Industry

Report: 2008 Innovation in the NSW Freight & Logistics Industry Jan 2008

This Jan 2008 report from the Air & Sea Freight Councils of NSW discusses innovation in the Freight & Logistics industry, including an analysis of technology trends & opportunities.

The report was commissioned in response to the NSW State Government Statement on Innovation and is the first in a line of projects the Council will undertake within its Path to Innovation framework which is being conducted in co-operation with the NSW Department of State and Regional Development.

In the NSW Government Statement on Innovation, Professor West identifies logistics and its associated transaction services as a primary sector for investigation and focus for innovation. The report aims to provide a foundation for a series of innovation strategies and actions that, along with industry and government consultation, will assist innovation within the freight logistics sector.

The report identifies barriers to innovation and efficiency and highlights actions that could be taken by Government to stimulate innovation both in the short and long term. Dr Hull explains. “It showcases the complex nature of supply chains and innovation and offers some further areas for study and analysis. It can provide important policy direction for Government”.

The report provides for an extensive analysis of the logistics industry and the technological innovation underway to improve its efficiency.

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