2008 Australian ICT Industry Report ACS CIIER Jan 2008

Report :  2008 Australian ICT Industry Report ACS CIIER Jan 2008

This Summary has been prepared on behalf of the Australian Computer Society to give an overview of the Australian ICT industry as of December 2007, based upon the regular CIIER/Whitehorse Top 250 survey and methodology, and other statistical sources.

The key question that is beginning to arise is: Are ICT Skills shortages now constraining ICT industry growth?

In situations of this nature, there is normally a “Tipping Point” from which the pool of available talent becomes simply too small to provide the depth of ICT skills required. At this point, companies are placed in the position where they may be unable to deliver services to clients, or to continue research and development, because they simply cannot find the people they require, with the skills that are needed.

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