eSecurity Market in Victoria MMV September 2006

2006-eSecurity-Market-in-Victoria-Sept-MMV-2006In recent years, eSecurity has become one of the fastest growing sub-sectors in the ICT industry, both in Victoria and around the world. For the smallest and the largest companies, eSecurity is a top priority just to stay in business. And with ever-increasing reliance on networking, convergent technologies and mobile communications, demand for eSecurity products, services and specialist skills is certain to keep rising.Download the full report
Victorian companies are in an excellent position to profit from this burgeoning international market. Victoria has a thriving ICT industry achieving nearly $23 billion in revenue and more than $1 billion in annual exports. We lead the nation in the supply of ICT graduates and expenditure on research and development and have a range of specialist sub-sectors that produce world-class products and services for global markets.

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