2005 Photonics – A Roadmap For The Australian Photonics Industry AEEMA

2005 Photonics – A Roadmap For The Australian Photonics Industry AEEMA

The roadmap attempts to substantially increase the amount of information and analysis available on the future of the industry and its technological trends to members of the industry. Previous reports have been focused on the telecommunications market and these have limited value to industry due to the rapid changes experienced by that particular market during its recent boom and bust cycle -so there are few resources currently available to Industry. This roadmap seeks to address photonics in multiple vertical industry segments and incorporate international perspectives into its analysis.

The international nature of this information is important: one of the largest challenges for the SMEs that principally comprise the Australian photonics industry is dealing effectively with international markets -particularly when the majority of products are sold as exports. This roadmap presents up-to-date information to Australian companies which may assist in facilitating international linkages.

Specifically, the objects of this work are:

• to improve the competitiveness of the Australian photonics industry through assisting to provide it a more strategic understanding of Australian and international opportunities;

• to assist with an increased take-up of best practice processes, new processes and new technologies through a better understanding of Australian and international market and technology developments;

• to assist in improving the productivity of Australian companies based on an effective understanding of new technology developments;

• to provide an effective technology roadmap helping to facilitate investment by both industry and the research community in areas of future opportunity;

• to provide significant support to the implementation of the Electronics Industry Action Agenda, underpinning the efforts being undertaken to map the capabilities of the industry and optimising the communication of industry needs to the research community;

• to assist to improve linkages between the Australian photonics industry and research providers; and

• to increase awareness of new photonics technologies.

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