2005 Northern Territory ICT Industry Plan

2005 Northern Territory ICT Industry Plan

This Strategic Plan, prepared by the Northern Territory (NT) Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry, establishes a vision and goals as agreed by the industry for the next five years and proposes the strategies required for their achievement.

The NT industry is relatively small and maturing, predominantly centred in Darwin, and heavily focused on servicing the NT market.

The industry comprises approximately 200 businesses, dominated by the NT branch offices of a small number of national and multinational companies (NCs and MNCs) and medium size small to medium enterprises (SMEs). The remainder is made up of small SMEs. The industry includes hardware, software and services providers as well as telecommunications and internet service providers. A few SMEs are successfully marketing products and services outside the NT. The NT Government (NTG) constitutes the largest segment of the market.

Over the next five years, growth in the industry’s traditional market segments in the NT market is unlikely to exceed the predicted annual growth in the overall economy of 5.2%.

Achievement of faster growth will require:

· ongoing maintenance of activities in current markets

· increased penetration of ICT opportunities in major development projects within the NT

· substantially increased activities in markets outside the NT, in other parts of Australia and overseas.

A vision for the next five years has been agreed by the industry to:

· grow the industry in the range 6%-8% annually, with supporting goals:

· improve capability of the local industry

· increase participation in supply of ICT products and services to major developments in the NT

· substantially increase revenues from outside the NT.

To achieve this vision, strategies are proposed that will:

· Support companies growing the industry

· Ensure availability of skilled resources

· Develop collaboration and clustering

· Ensure maximum share of opportunities in NT market

· Encourage creation and commercialisation of intellectual property (IP)

· Enhance telecommunications services throughout the NT.

A total of 13 actions to implement these strategies are outlined in Section 5 of this Plan.

Implementation of the Plan will require significant commitment and a collaborative partnership of industry stakeholders, including the NTG, the industry itself and the education and training sector. A formal governance and management structure is proposed, including:

· a joint NTG/Industry board with governance responsibility and management oversight

· a Program Office with a full time Program Manager to initiate and manage approved strategies.

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