2005 Marketing Guide For ICT SME’s AIIA

AIIA’s Local Industry Action Group (LIAG) is committed to supporting and strengthening the local ICT industry in Australia. Recognising the importance of marketing to SMEs and the lack of resources available, LIAG has developed this SME Marketing Guide in conjunction with marketing specialists, Porter Novelli.

AIIA’s SME Marketing Guide provides practical advice on a range of marketing, public relations and communication issues. A utilitarian handbook, the guide provides clear advice on marketing basics and employs ICT-based case studies to highlight the practical issues involved in marketing smaller ICT firms. The guide also offers step-by-step suggestions and useful templates – such as developing a marketing plan, positioning your product and assessing your competitors – which will assist local SMEs to unlock their sales and marketing potential.

Click here to down load the report – 2005 Marketing Guide For ICT SME’s AIIA

Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) are a vital part of Australia’s ICT industry. SMEs are a source of innovation and inspiration, and provide the powerhouse that drives Australia’s ICT industry forward. Yet many SME companies are challenged not by a lack of drive, talent, ideas or products, but by the daunting task of marketing their company, products and services in an increasingly competitive market place. Most marketing workshops, seminars and guides fail to recognise that SMEs have very different marketing needs to larger companies. Smaller companies rarely have the resources to engage in campaigns on a par with large multinational companies, and often struggle to find information and ideas on how to successfully market smaller organisations.

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