2005 Airport Security Policing Review Wheeler Sept 2005

2005 Airport Security Policing Review Wheeler Sept 2005

The safety and security of the people of Australia is the first duty of the Australian Government. The public has anexceptional sensitivity to aviation and airport security and a concern that criminality may lead to vulnerabilities that could be exploited by terrorists.

The Review was impressed by many of the measures taken in Australia since 2001 and heartened by the additional actions proposed and agreed during the Review’s course. The lessons demonstrated by ‘London resilience’ in the aftermath of the terrorist bombings on 7 July 2005 provided a clear impetus to do even better. Based on its Terms of Reference,  the focus of the Review was therefore to recommend actions, roles and responsibilities that could further improve the effectiveness and resilience of the systems at airports designed to maintain the security of Australians and their guests.

The Review recommends a minimum level of police numbers at the (currently eleven) Counter-Terrorism First Response (CTFR) airports.  This is likely to require refinement of initial
AFP cost estimates on the basis of consultation with the relevant jurisdiction’s Police force and subsequent threat and risk assessments by each Airport Police Commander.

The Review believes that the fine tuning, further measures, and clearer roles it proposes will enable a balanced and achievable improvement to Australia’s airport security and  policing. However, further major gains will require a changed culture of cooperation, sharing, and openness to new technologies and methods across Federal, State and private sector agencies and personnel, in order to replace the silos and insularity which continue to provide unnecessary weaknesses that could be exploited by criminals and terrorists.

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