2004 SWOT On The Australian ICT Industry – Pearcey Colloquium

2004 SWOT On The Australian ICT Industry – Pearcey Colloquium

On 4th November 2004, the Pearcey Foundation welcomed over 100 colloquium participants to the Australian Technology Parkfor a workshop discussion that was intended to help chart the future of the Australian ICT industry.

We have a new year approaching, with a new national government term, a new and developing international trade framework and the continuing challenge of new technology and new global industry dynamics.

Four workshop discussion groups, each with an appointed leader and a rapporteur and around fifteen-twenty group members. Each group examined one dimension of the overall theme.

Respected journalist Beverley Head acted as overall Rapporteur and prepared a summary of the Colloquium conclusions for presentation at the Pearcey Awards Dinner that evening.

To encourage a frank exchange of views, and in common with all previous Pearcey Colloquia, the “Chatham House” rules were applied, in that we do not attribute remarks to individuals in any public record.

The participants were widely representative of the ICT industries: ICT users, R&D interests, politicians and public officials, industry associations and commentators, SMEs, vendors and financiers.

The aim was not to reinvent the past but move on to ask and try to answer the big questions of how to:

· Exploit our strengths and skills (Group 1)

· Recognise our constraints that flow from economic, attitudinal and physical realities (Group 2)

· Maximise our opportunities for national and individual growth through ICT (Group 3), and

· Deal with threats from the real competitive forces we face (Group 4)

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