2004 Status of ICT Offshore Outsourcing AIIA

2004 Status of ICT Offshore Outsourcing AIIA

The goal of this research is for the reader to better understand the status of offshore outsourcing in Australia – a debate that can become remarkably passionate. Unlike other reports that have been undertaken in Australia and overseas, this paper does not seek to pursue a political or an economic point of view. Instead, it seeks to discover and articulate the adoption and intentions of buyers and potential buyers of these services; ascertain whether jobs are threatened, and how much money, if any, are organisations saving by adopting this model.

Equally important is the need to articulate what this document does not purport to do.

This research is not meant to represent a crystal ball of predictions of economic impact, job losses or increases as a result of offshore outsourcing. The research was not designed to be able to articulate a particular point of view – in this case, either a pro- or anti-offshore stance.

The objective is to better understand the attitudes of Australian enterprises today. It does not try to extrapolate the information into some sort of employment data; this has already been attempted in various countries, including Australia. On several occasions, these efforts have drawn a variety of criticisms of each report’s fundamental contentions and ensuing accuracy of data and forecasts.

This document is not an argument either for, or against, the adoption of offshore outsourcing strategies by Australian enterprises and/or government agencies.

This study’s purpose is to represent the views of a wide spectrum of the Australian ICT industry – both on the buy-side and sell-side. In doing so, it is designed to help the Australian Information Industry Association better reach its own policy position on offshore outsourcing to strengthen the future of Australian ICT goods and services, increasing employment and enhancing the nation’s overall economic capabilities.

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