2003 Implementation Plan For ICT Research – National Research Priorities DSTO

2003 Implementation Plan For ICT Research – National Research Priorities DSTO

DSTO’s mission is to ‘provide expert, impartial and innovative application of science and technology to the defence of Australia and its national interests’. This mission maps completely onto the Priority Goal of Transformational Defence Technologies within the Safeguarding Australia Research Priority. As well, DSTO’s research contributes to other Priority Goals in the Safeguarding Australia and Frontier Technologies Research Priorities. DSTO’s research also makes a small contribution to the Environmentally Sustainable Australia and Promoting and Maintaining Good Health Research Priorities in areas of science that are of relevance to Defence.

DSTO will respond to the National Research Priorities in three ways. Firstly, for the Priority Goal of Transformational Defence Technologies, DSTO will improve the level of national support through a series of new initiatives including: research programs in counter-terrorism, network centric warfare, battlespace automation, joint experimentation and reduced costs of ownership; better support to operations and equipment acquisition; more effective technology planning; and improved
collaboration with other research agencies.

Secondly, DSTO will broaden the research contribution to the other Safeguarding Australia Priority Goals of Critical Infrastructure and Protecting Australia from Terrorism and Crime. Initiatives include: research support to the new Defence Special Operations Command; supporting the establishment of a unit to coordinate Australian science and technology support for counter-terrorism; research on information systems protection; and a collaborative Secure Australia program with CSIRO (and possibly ANSTO).

Finally, DSTO plans to expand its contribution to Frontier Technologies for Building and Transforming Australian Industries. Particular priority will be given to Smart Information Use through DSTO’s new Information Sciences Laboratory, research in network centric warfare and working with National ICT Australia.

DSTO’s industry initiatives include: better commercialisation of intellectual property; involvement in Defence’s industry sector plans and the CRC program; and improvements to the
capability technology demonstrator program.

This implementation plan is linked into DSTO’s strategic and technology plans. Progress will be monitored via a balanced scorecard, using outcome performance metrics.

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